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Keychain replaces manual brokering with an automated marketplace that matches shippers with carriers.
We eliminate waste and pass the savings to our customers.

INSURED All carriers on Keychain are insured for cargo and auto transport.
LICENSED Keychain works with the FMCSA and DOT to ensure all carriers are licensed to move your freight.
INSTANT Keychain surfaces loads to a network of 10,000+ drivers who can accept your offers in seconds.
" Keychain gives us instant access to thousands of reliable carriers nationwide.
It's the most efficient and cost effective tool we've found. "
- Nathan Brown, Reclaimed American Hardwood

At Keychain we disclose full transaction details to all stakeholders, so you'll never pay hidden fees again.

10,000+ carriers and growing, nationwide

With our virtual carrier network, we match the best carriers for your specific needs. We know the lanes our carriers like to run, and if they are on a line-haul or back-haul. This ensures you are matched with the best option for your needs.

SAVE TIME AND MONEY By leveraging technology to automate the connection of shippers to carriers, Keychain can offer great rates to shippers as well as increasing the take-home margin for drivers.
HASSLE FREE Keychain handles all the nitty gritty details of moving loads. Don't worry about documentation, insurance verification, payment processing, or carrier support. Our technology lets you focus on what you do best, growing your business.
SIMPLE WORKFLOW Manage all of your freight in one place with our free online freight management system, an intuitive web-based dashboard allowing you to view your shipments in real-time.
INSURED & LICENSED DRIVERS Keychain's network of qualified, FMCSA compliant drivers is the backbone of our platform's success. We verify that each driver on our system is insured, licensed, and safe.
EASY BOOKING Enter load details (source, destination, equipment, etc.). Our platform generates a cost estimate based on real-time lane pricing data, and you confirm the price. Then Keychain communicates automatically with our carrier network to find the perfect match.
MORE SHIPMENTS? NO PROBLEM You can automatically add multiple shipments into our system. Get in touch with your volume requirements. Contact support

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